Dr Eileen Forrestal


My background is in Health Care having qualified from UCD in 1982 and I rotated through many specialities, in many countries, before settling finally settling on Anaesthesia, back home in Ireland, for the latter 20 years of my career. 
I retired 2 years ago to devote myself full time to producing inspirational diaries, journals and events to promote ‘healthy thinking’ in this time of rapid and exponential change. I had been involved with these diaries on a small scale while I was still working and realised the benefit that I gained, in dealing with the stresses of my own life and career, by creating them, was also being felt by others. 
We now produce a range of Get Up and Go diaries and journals for adults and young teens that we believe make a significant and positive difference in the lives of our readers. 
We are all aware of the steep rise in emotional distress resulting from the challenges that come from trying to ‘survive’ let alone thrive, in world dominated and exaggerated by technology, social media and community fragmentation, and the need for some helpful ways to simplify our complex lives. 
I believe my unique experience, insight and perspective bestows a significant advantage in helping people deal with the realities of modern life, making the creation of each diary a labour of love. 
The challenges of parenting (and I am not a parent) begin in the peri-natal area (and perhaps even earlier!!) and how we meet these challenges will have significant impact on the subsequent emotional development of every child, and I believe new mums need considerably more support than perhaps they want to admit or acknowledge!! (Does it 'take a village to raise a child’ ??… ) 


A recent video that gives you a flavour of who I am ….

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