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Hysteroscopy                 Training Day

29 September 2017

This training plans to provide updates on new developments in outpatient diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic procedures. It covers topics such as endometrial polypectomy using bipolar electrodes, morcellation, and submucosal fibroid resection using both hysteroscopic devices.


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CTG                               MasterClass

14 - 15 October 2017

This masterclass aims to provide evidence-based training on CTG Interpretation based on fetal physiology and pathophysiology of intrapartum hypoxic injury so as to reduce hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy whilst reducing unnecessary operative interventions.


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Perinatal Mental Health Conference

06 December 2017

This conference intends to share experiences that can aid in bridging the gap between current status and having a functional perinatal mental health service. It explores frameworks, models, pathways, processes and other tools as well as lessons learned from past efforts.                                                                 

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